Want To Choose Wood Paint? Here Are 3 Things You Should Pay Attention

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Furniture made using wood is indeed liked by many people. It looks suitable for all styles ranging from minimalism, vintage design, to modern. The durability of wood is also worth considering because it can last for decades if using high-quality wood can last for hundreds of years. So that this wooden furniture is more beautiful, its surface needs to be coated with wood paint. To get maximum results, you can use one man and a brush.

The choice of wood paint may sound trivial, some people are more concerned with the color. Even if done carelessly, the results will be less than perfect and the wood does not look beautiful. Then, what should you pay attention to when choosing wood paint?

1. The type of wood affects the type of wood paint
First of all, you have to know the type of wood to be painted first. Because each wood has a different fiber and chemical content. For example, for teak wood that has a beautiful fiber and texture, it would be better if it is coated using water-based wood paint. Thus, her beauty still stands out and is shinier.

Whereas wood from pine trees usually has uneven fiber and color. To work around this, you need to use wood paint which is a primary coat.

2. Choosing wood paint based on the level of transparency
Based on the level of transparency, wood paint consists of solid color paint and transparent varnish paint. Solid color wood paint has a high density so that wood fiber can be covered perfectly and is suitable for coating minimalist and modern wood furniture.
Meanwhile, transparent varnish wood paint can add luster to the wood surface and protect it from scratches, but the wood fiber still looks like the original. This one is suitable for classic, ethnic, and traditional style furniture.

3. Choosing the right wood paint color
Choosing the right wood paint color needs a process too, not just pointing to your favorite color. When choosing, do not stick to the color card provided by the wood paint manufacturer. You should bring the remaining pieces of wood from furniture that will be painted to smear wood paint.

Why? Because the end color can be different in each type of wood. Instead of trying in vain to buy the wrong paint and damage the look of the furniture, it’s better to try a little first.
Placement of furniture can also affect color choices. If placed in a dark place, choose a bright wood paint color. Conversely, if placed in a bright place, choose a dark or neutral color.