Mandatory Equipment A Mother Must Have When Providing Baby Food

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Entering the age of 6 months, the baby must be acquainted with solid foods other than breast milk. That means, you also have to prepare everything to make homemade baby foods before that time begins. There is a lot of equipment offered, but not all equipment is useful for you. Here is a list of mandatory equipment that you must have before you decide to shop for a lot of equipment.

1. Food Smoothing
Food smoothing is the first mandatory equipment that you must prepare. The food smoothing tool is very helpful for you to make the texture of food in accordance with the texture recommended by WHO, ranging from puree form to coarse pulp. The following equipment is commonly used:

In addition to making fruit juice, a blender can be used to make a puree of fruit, vegetables, and meat during the initial period of eating baby food. Actually there are special blenders like hand blenders. But if you want to save the budget, the blender we use every day can also be used.

Food Processor
Food processors have the same function as blenders that are only smaller in size and practically carried everywhere. Because of its smaller size, a food processor can be used to make food in single meal portions. Food processors can also be used to smooth baby porridge.

Baby Food Maker Set
A set of equipment containing grated, filter wire to filter food, grinder, and orange juice. You can use grated and grinder to refine raw materials before processing, while the wire screen to filter food so it is not too rough.

2. Safe Feeding Equipment for Babies
Not only is the design and color funny for baby feeding equipment, but safety and function must be a top priority. You must be careful when choosing baby feeding tools, make sure they are quality and safe. Make sure the cutlery has a food-grade label, BPA (Bisphenol-A) Free, PP Symbol (Polypropylene), Phthalates free, Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) free.

The eating and drinking utensils you need are bowls, spoons, plates, and drinking bottles. In addition to eating utensils, for those of you who need baby food supplies for several days, you must provide a storage box. Use baby cubes so that food is more durable and more sterile to use.