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This Is How To Prevent PC Monitor From Breaking Too Soon

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Direct sunlight or without any intermediaries can actually damage your computer monitor or laptop, especially for LCD screens and LEDs. This will cause the pixels on the monitor to darken and become unsightly. Usually, this dark color will be seen when the screen contrast is lowered. This sometimes also happens on mobile screens because it uses an LCD and is exposed to direct sunlight continuously. Meanwhile, if your PC monitor is already broken, we suggest you bring it to the Computer Repair Boise.

Aside from that, don’t touch the monitor too hard. This often happens when people are showing what is on the monitor. I often see the person pressing the screen hard even to appear as black when pressed. If done continuously, this will cause dead pixels on your LCD monitor. There are usually dead pixel marks such as dots or lines along with the screen (if it is severe) that there is no color or just a continuous purple color. Unless your laptop/computer screen has a kind of glass coating on it it can be touched.

Furthermore, cleaning the screen is also important, namely to prevent scratches or dirt on the computer monitor/laptop. Even cleaning can not be watered with a bucket and with spray directly to the screen, must be with a cloth that is sprayed with liquid to clean the LCD screen so it is not too wet and does not cause a short circuit.